Autosmobilis is an attempt to relive the nostalgic moments of the past. Its a tribute and retrospect to one of the greatest and the finest cars mankind has ever seen. Autos Mobilis is the story of each and every motor and the people behind it, the revolution it began, the revolutionary breakthroughs it achieved, the wars and crisis it survived and finally served man both in times of peace and war. 
Seldom is any machine celebrated as much an Automobile. We have entered new century, conquered moon, moved miles away from Opium wars and religion and Automobile has transformed itself from a temperamental toy to a  transcontinental thing. Its the image of modern times messy, confused yet complex. From Karl Benz's Horseless carriage to Enzo's exotic street scratchers, Automobile has come a long way. It  represents the human psychology and behavior, an extra limb that denotes its makers characteristic. The  Automobile  supercharging the human behavior takes him to the extremes  to express speed, dynamism, aggression and some times to his funeral.
JFK was killed in an Automobile and Automobile killed James Dean .Art imitates life and life imitates art. Carra and Saverini chased speed on canvas and Francis Picabia represented  'The child Carburetor'. Da Vinci devised spring driven carts and imaged horseless 'ghost' wagons. Hispono Suiza , Duesenburg and  Silver Ghost represent classic Edwardian  beauty, a beauty close to perfect..... in steel.
Verne was a visionary his protagonist boasted. "I have undisputed power over the world with which nobody can resist me, under any circumstance".


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