• The first man to drive a self propelled vehicle and the first man to run it over a wall was Cugnot of France in 1769, who built a steam propelled vehicle for the king of France.

  • It took almost twenty years to convince Enzo Ferrari that rear engined cars are as good if not better than front engined cars. Ferrari stuck to his ideology that a horse pulls a carriage and not pushes it


                                Enzo Ferrari

  • Ever wondered from where did the TVR Two seater sports car, Tasmin got its name. Well the name belonged to a beautiful girl, the designer met while designing  the car.

  • " A star killed, a myth born and a car made immortal for ever". These famous words were for Porsche 356 and Hollywood Legend James Dean who was killed in a car accident while he was driving to go watch a car race.

  • One of the finest cars from Triumph was a result of Italy's win over England in Soccer. Marcello excited by this win, spontaneously designed the " Spitfire".    

  • When Enzo Ferrari made made Ferrucinni Lamborghini wait for a long time at a scheduled meeting, he got disgusted and decided to make cars himself. The result was the legendary Lamborghini Miura .

  • In 1784, William Murdock built a small three wheeled no passenger carrying model which ran away from him  after dark throwing out sparks. An event which went down in history as being the first self propelled vehicle to frighten a pedestrian.

  • Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was imprisoned by the Austrian Government for manufacturing battle tanks for Hitler. The King Tiger Tanks whose mere presence on the battle field would clear the enemy tanks from the battle field.  

  • Was Zora Arkus Duntov the father of the first Corvette? Though most of the auto historians around the world think the same, Americans very much deny as they claim even before Zora Arkus joined GM, corvette was already seen on the testing grounds.

  • Porsche 911's original name was Porsche 901 but was later renamed after an official request from Peugeot, which too used 901 for one of their cars.

  • If Detroit is the automobile capital of the world, the French Riveria can be considered the jewel of the automotive world, or where else u will find a Rolls Royce and Ferrari dealer next to each other and where even a marque like Porsche 911 are considered dozen a dime.

  • Tyrrell built a six-wheeled Formula1 car in 1976, which was nothing short of a technical wonder. It had 4 small diameter wheels in the front and all four wheels turned while turning the car.

  • The 2CV was supposed to represent 'four wheels under an umbrella and capable of driving across the fields loaded with eggs, without breaking them.


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